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UXQCC Certified Professional for Usability Engineering and User Experience Design

The CCUE examination is in almost all cases a computer-based exam that must be taken in a proctored environment. Paper based exams are available in several locations worldwide (exam centers) on request only. The exam is made up by multiple choice questions. The questions have to be answered in a given timeframe. At the end of a computer-based exam you immediately know your results.

CPUE – FL Exam Characteristics

The exam consists of 40 to 60 multiple choice questions and

Online Proctored Exam

CPUE online proctored exams are administered throughout the year by gasq. Online proctoring by proctorU allows you to take the exam almost at any time of the year at any location in the world. Online proctored exams can be done in combination with UXQCC trainings, but also can be taken without prior training. Many people chose to prepare for the exam, using resources for exam preparation provided by UXQCC.

Exams in combination with CPUE training

Trainings to prepare for the CPUE exams can be booked in many locations all over the world. After completion of the training you can proceed to an online proctored exam as well. In many cases the training provider also offers a possibility to do the exam after completion of the training at the training.

UXQCC Accredited Training Providers

Trainings are offered by UXQCC accredited training providers worldwide. Find a full list of trainings-providers here.

Exams are carried out by gasq to ensure quality and reliability

What is GASQ?

Global Association for Software Quality, abbreviated GASQ, is an international exam provider and a leading association in the software quality industry. GASQ was founded by experts from Europe, Asia and America as an independent, international non-profit association aiming to advocate and promote software quality in research, teaching and industry.

Today, GASQ cooperates with multiple training providers, national testing boards and consulting companies. It actively participates in the development of new certifications and offers them through its extensive international network. GASQ is currently represented on over 60 national markets by more than 250 cooperation partners. Thanks to globally recognized expertise and leading certification schemes, GASQ yearly certifies over 20.000 people in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa in 10 different languages.

Through all of its activities, GASQ strives to make it its core responsibility to increase awareness about the importance of good software quality and highly qualified staff in this sector. Nonetheless, GASQ broadens its focus and identifies areas that require development or improvement of the quality standards.

Certified Quality

GASQ is ISO9001:2008 certified and ISO17024 audited.