We offer certifications for products and companies

Product Certifications

Enrich your product with the highest level of usability.

Software,  Online products, HMI’s have to fulfill their goals and tasks effectively. Usability as a key skill for designers and developers guarantees a tailored usage of interactive applications by the intended target groups.

Arrangements to improve usability should always be started before launching a website or selling a software product. Misunderstood or failed usage increases support requests and is damaging to the general customer satisfaction. Also, fixes and patches results in a cost-intensive retouching of the software. Ultimately, those websites or products are in danger of losing customers in bulk.

A recognized and international accepted certification identifies the expert work and saves money for any software or website developing company. A scientific committee guarantees stable values and relevancy of the certifications, as well as keeping them up-to-date.

Get informed as soon as the certificates are ready. If you are interested in our future certificates leave us your email address and we will notify you as soon as they are available.

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Company Certifications

UX reduces errors. As better an human centred design process (Design Thinking, UX Process, Lean UX…) is integrated in the companies processes as better will be the quality and products. You only can include UX processes in departments, but also in the whole company. At the end it is an philosophy and a question of sustainability. We are convinced that measurable UX will simplify but also make a better world.