User Documentation

Why you should certify

A UXQCC document guarantees that:
• The risk of comprehension errors has been measurably reduced and as such
• The risk of a performance error has been measurably reduced and as such
• The risk of property damage or personal injury has been measurably reduced

Measurable risk reduction, that can be demonstrated, is a valid case for insurance companies to reduce the premiums for liability policies.

Which documents we certify:

In the context of UX, “User Documents” are those that are strictly purposed to drive behavior. They are enabling products that are designed to drive behavior.

What we audit

All decisions Users’ decisions align with the company’s principles.

Users comply with the company’s rules and regulations.

Users make decisions based on the understanding of how things work.

Users execute sequence of steps (instructions) to complete a task.

Users can choose from company-recommended best practices.

What we do not certify

Only industrial user documents qualify for UXQCC Certification. Course materials (instructor-led or self-learning), Presentation Slides of classic textbooks are not included.

We do not audit for style, artistic or creative value or “best writing”. Our audits are purely based on human cognitive and behavioral mechanics.

What you get

If you pass the certification criteria, you will get the UXQCC documentation Certification for the defined Persona and Use Cases.

If you don’t pass, you will get high-level documentation for optimization!

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