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We provide a UX certification aligned with ISO standards.

The educational UX univers teaches different standards. This makes the UX job weak.  We have to speak the same language.

We developed a certification (Foundation Level and Advanced Level) as it ensures a standardized and systematic approach to user experience design. Compliance with these international benchmarks not only improves quality and consistency, but also promotes trust and credibility in the industry.

Don’t work against international standards!

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Russ Wilson

CDO Fidelity Group

“By certifying UX practitioners, UXQCC provides recruiters and companies additional assurance that individuals reach the bar in terms of knowledge and expertise. This certification has the potential to improve the sourcing of candidates, consultants, and partners worldwide.”

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UXQCC certified professionals are valued by companies worldwide

Why should UXQCC your Nr. 1  UX certification provider?

Because we are a standardized organisation and an independent NGO with the vision to have a global language in UX. We have four different entities.

1.) EXAM Developer. They are not allowed to train.

2.) Local training provider. Localisation is really important for us. Training provider are not allowed to provide an exam.

Everone who is certified is allowed to train.

3.) GASQ as independent Exam provider to ensure the same quality globally.

4.) Global Board ensures economy and ISO standards of the curriculum.

You are an UX expert?

You don’t have to do a course. Take the exam and become certified. Buy your international standardized exam at our exam provider GASQ.  

How does personal certification work?

The UXQCC provides three levels of certification for UX practitioners to upgrade their UX skills.

We are not an impersonal online course provider. With us, you get personal training by learning from one of our internationally available trainers or at one of our local training providers. You will finish the course by taking your certification exam. The courses build upon each other and are, therefore, consecutive.


The foundation level certification attests the holder the knowledge and skills to work in teams on User Experience Design and Usability Engineering projects.

The advanced level certification attests the holder the knowledge and skills to lead teams working on projects in User Experience Design and Usability Engineering. The advanced level focuses on the application of knowledge in UX projects.

The last level is done by the international UX accreditation. this accreditation is a peer review process done by UXPA professionals.

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Upgrade your UX skills and demonstrate your certified UX proficiency to employers & prospective clients.
Graduates of the UXQCC course receive a signed certificate and a badge for each completed level. They can use these certificates in communications and professional platforms to provide stakeholders with evidence of their knowledge and skills.

Uniform UX Language

Speaking a global UX language is vital for clarity of communications. You will increase your understanding, performance, and productivity.

Proves your quality

Graduates of the UXQCC certification courses are vital members of a global UX community speaking a common UX language. Graduates can effectively identify and solve UX problems in an international team environment.

Advantages of a genuine international UX certification

UX trainers and professional practitioners with a total experience of over 150 years have designed the UXQCC courses. This combined experience brings enormous benefits to this standardized UX certification for the global UX community.


We are a global certification.


With our partners, you can take your exam in different languages.

internationally recognized

Our UX certification is internationally recognized.

Exam - anytime and anywhere

After you have completed your UX foundation level course, you can take your exam online – anytime and anywhere.

one global UX standard

It does not matter where you work, it is recognized around the world.

Your career upgrade

Your CV will be happy to include such a certification. It will bring you to the next level for every job application.


We make the certification affordable for everyone, from every country, for a genuinely global certification.

create better life experiences

You will be part of creating a better life for all of us.

UX for all businesses

Every business needs user experience services.

What UXQCC certified professionals say

Here is what professionals who completed UXQCC say about their experience and the value of their certification.

The certificate course was a crash course for people who have dipped into UX and want to advance further, and for professionals who want a quick recap of the UX universe’s components. Verena Seibert-Giller presented the content with insights from real-life examples from her career and enriched the theory with activities to give us hands-on experience. I’m looking forward to the next step: the UXQCC Usability Professional Advanced Level.

Anika Kronberger

Reasearch Assistant, FH JOANNEUM, UXQCC certified CPUE

The UXQCC certificate is the perfect combination of practical knowledge and experience of years of working in digital communication projects. It gave me the basis for decision making and tools for further growth in the UX/UI area.

Werner Haring

User Experience Architect, RedLink, UXQCC certified CPUE

Up to now, I spent a couple of years working as a UX designer. Therefore, the course was an excellent opportunity to refresh the basics and eliminate some organizational blindness concerning UX tools and workflows. It was also great to get to know other UX designers as part of the UXQCC certification.

Thomas Bayer

UX Lead, Anton Paar GmbH, UXQCC certified CPUE

About User Experience Quality Certification Center

Passionate UX trainers and professionals defining UX standards for user experience, design, and for usability practitioners worldwide

User Experience Qualification Center develops and maintains certificates for user experience and usability professionals for companies and products. UXQCC certifications are valued by UX organizations and companies worldwide.

Continuous improvements, supervised by an international board of experts from industry and universities, ensure our certification and training quality.

Theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and didactic excellence are combined to form one of the world’s most advanced UX education programs.

We want to motivate UX practitioners, and also project managers, managers, and team leaders to complete a UX certification. These skills will optimize your entire life.

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According to the independent platform uxdesignersalaries.com, the average UX salary across 107 countries is $52,927 (February 2020).

 The Nielsen Norman Group published a trend forecast for the user experience design sector in December 2017. It clearly shows that the number of people employed in UX design is far from reaching its peak.

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