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User Experience Qualification Center (UXQCC) develops and maintains certificates for user experience and usability professionals, for companies and for products. UXQCC certifications are valued by UX organizations and companies worldwide. Continuous improvements, supervised by an international board of experts from industry and universities ensures our quality of certifications and trainings. Theoretical knowledge, practical skills and didactic excellence are combined to form one of the world´s most advanced schemes for UX education.

Certifications for UX Professionals

UXQCC provides three different Levels of Certification of UX Professionals. They are called Certified Professional for Usability Engineering and User Experience Design:

BECOME An Accredited Training Provider

Only accredited training providers are officially recognized by the UXQCC board. This process ensures a standardized high quality of UXQCC trainings offered worldwide.

Become a local UXQCC Partner

Local UXQCC partner are responsible for UXQCC trainings in a specific area. Local partners are organizations like UXPA chapters, or teaching organizations like universities.


Book a Foundation Level Training and get certified at the World Usability Congress in Graz, Austria.


The UXQCC Board consists of experts from industry and academia to combine theoretical and practical knowledge.

Aldrich Huang

CEO & Co-founder UXTesting, Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan

Southeast Asia


Craig Tomlin

WCT & Associates, LLC. UX, Marketing & Conversion Consultants, Austin, Texas, USA


Helen Gelderblom

Associate Professor in Informatics, University of Pretoria/Universiteit van Pretoria, South Africa

South Africa


Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

President UXPA International, Director of User Experience Research at Bridgewater Associates, Westport, CT, USA


Klaus Hofer

CEO, Communications and Training international, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Leticia Gomez

Director of the Human-Device Interaction and Usability Center at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

South America

Naveed Syed

CEO, Academia Of Excellence FZ LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Robert Pucher (Chair)

Software Engineering and User Experience Design, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Vienna, Austria


Toshikazu Shinohara

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Government of Japan,Tokyo, Japan


Tuck Leong

Professor at University of Technology, Sydney. User-Experience Researcher and Designer, Australia


Vivian Gomes

Director of User Experience - Human Factors Research & Design, India, USA, APAC & EUROPE


Xinwen Qi

Senior UX expert, Alibaba International UED and Vice President of UXPA China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Yvonne Liu

President of UXPA China, User Experience Director DianPing, Pudong District, Shanghai, China


“The course for the certificate was a crash-course for people who have touched UX and want to advance further but also for professionals who want a quick wrap-up of all the elements of the UX-universe. Verena Seibert-Giller presented the contents with insights from real-live examples out of her personal carreer and accompanied the theory with activities to give us a hands-on experience. I’m looking forward to the next step: the UXQCC Usabiliy Professional Advanced Level.”

DI (FH) Anika Kronberger
Self-employed designer and researcher at the Institute of Design and Communication at the FH JOANNEUM Graz

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Licensed Trainers are enabled to provide UXQCC training to service providers and personnel. Licensed Trainers are highly sought after resources within the UXQCC network.

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LICENSED Product Evaluator

Licensed Product Evaluators apply UXQCC standards and years of expertise to evaluate and report on products. A UXQCC certification can only be granted to a product by a Licensed Product Evaluator.

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Supporting Organization

Supporting Organizations have decided to support the UXQCC mission and vision including a global language. Supporting Organizations will always be recognized as a valuable UXQCC partner. Supporting Organizations will always have priority access to UXQCC benefits and information.

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