Conference Certification

Delivering the proof for top-notch quality that has never been easier.

This Conference Certificate attests to an exceptionally well-structured conference, meeting comprehensive criteria in all aspects to best convey knowledge and maximize the output for all attendees. It therefore assures its attendees an environment that guarantees the best possible learning experience throughout the duration of the event.

Certification Criteria

  • A minimum of 15 hours of relevant content
  • Every talk includes a headline, description and measurable learning skills
  • A minimum of one measurable learning skill for every 10 minutes of a presentation or talk
  • A well-structured summary of all learning skills at the end of the conference
  • A speaker rating for all attendees for the duration of the conference
  • A minimum gender division of 30 : 70 across all speakers
  • Talk groupings are available according to related topics
  • Every grouping starts with an introduction and overview
  • A summary is presented for every grouping
  • A help desk is available throughout the entire conference
  • A possibility to  provide feedback on conference is available
  • After the conference, the entire content is made accessible  for at least one month (digital or analog)

Target audience

Conference organizers aiming at

  •  Improving their value for the target audience
  • Differentiating their conference for decision-makers
  • Ranking as a published top conference
  • Creating a holistic learning experience



499,- excl. VAT

  • Conference certification
  • Feature as top conference
  • One optimization iteration if needed

Your advantages to certify your conference

Easy to learn

Attendees can more easily get focus on the right content with learning skills.

Trust & Acceptance

You will get a global accaptance and trust from responsibles to send their employees to your conference.


We will publish your conference as one of less who think on their attendees and the training effect.


Get your certification and show the world your achievements.

Certification process

1.) Apply for a certification

2.) Get your feedback

3.) Randomly get a call

4.) Get certified

5.) Promote your achievement

Apply your conference to get certified

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