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Certification criteria

  • A minimum of 20 hours of learning content.
  • Every talk includes a headline, description, and measurable learning skills.
  • A minimum of one learning skill for talks under 10 min. and a minimum of three for talks of more than 30 min.
  • A summary of all learning skills at the end of the conference.
  • A speaker rating has to be available for all attendees.
  • A ratio of 30:70 of speakers’ gender.
  • A grouping of up to a maximum of 7 talks.
  • An introduction to every group of talks.
  • A summary after every group of talks.
  • Possibility of “error handling” for attendees.
  • A possibility to give feedback.
  • The entire content has to be available for attendees for at least one month after the conference (digital or analog).

The advantages of certifying your conference

Easy to learn

Attendees can more easily focus on the right content and learning skills.

Trust & acceptance

You will get global acceptance and trust from those responsible for sending their employees to your conference.


We will publish your conference as one of the few conferences that care about the attendees and their learning effects.


Get your certification and show the world your achievements.

Certification process

1.) Apply for a certification

2.) Get your feedback

3.) Receive a random call

4.) Get certified

5.) Promote your achievement